The urge to POAS is getting VERY strong now, I doubt I will make it another 2 days between tests again, after tonight's test... It was hard enough to hold out all day yesterday!

I am having lots of twinges/cramps low on the right (once again, I've had them there with my 2 GS transfers as well, maybe my right side is comfier?! :D ) I had my first bout of nausea late last night when Kenneth opened the compost bin near me and then when I caught a whiff of his drink. Then this morning and again right now (before eating) I've been feeling some nausea too. And lots of tired... that's how I feel... my eyes are SO heavy and I want a nap really bad. I woke up at 2:00am and laid there in bed for about an hour before falling back asleep... I kept feeling a light dull achy cramping sensation in that same spot and couldn't stop thinking about it... I hope, hope, hope its a little one snuggling in, but with how early it started originally (at 3DPO) I'm trying not to get my hopes up too much.

I'm ready for some lunch and I want a bed too... :)


  1. My urge for you to pee is getting very strong now too.
    Together we can both hold out and wait til the trigger is out of your system :)

    Good things are comin' your way!


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