It's almost time for our March cycle to begin!

I went to Dr. H.'s yesterday to ask for a progesterone check... I told Vicki after that appointment I am feeling a little frustrated with him, but it's ok - we're "on it" enough to make sure things get taken care of, I just don't have a whole lot of faith in him. I'm not used to having that feeling/frustration with my doctors, and we're so limited - we can't go to anyone else, so we have to "suck it up" and make the best of it.

I went in with a copy of my chart (showing me at 9dpo yesterday) and asked for a progesterone draw stat to 1) confirm if I had ovulated, 2) if I had ovulated confirm a healthy luteal phase progesterone level, and 3) if it wasn't a high number to give us the green light to take something to help induce a period (progesterone supplements). He went on about how my chart didn't help him with anything, didn't tell him anything, etc. but I sat there thinking to myself the test I asked for WOULD (I stopped pushing the issue once he agreed to run the test for me, he just didn't seem to be hearing me). He went straight to telling me to take a progesterone supplement for 5 days... but I don't want to take extra meds if my progesterone is NATURALLY high right now, which means my body is doing what it's supposed to all by itself and a period will come soon... I left there feeling frustrated, because his answer for everything seems to be "take meds" and he seems to want to "fix" things even when there's nothing to fix...

In any event, we probably won't hear back the actual number until the end of the week, by which time my period will most likely have arrived all on its own, but at least I'll get confirmation of the number so I know that it is a healthy number for my luteal phase and we don't need to worry about progesterone supplements after our IUI. I woke up to a teeny bit of spotting today, and am 10dpo, so within the next couple days Aunt Flo should be here and we'll be off and running for our IUI cycle! I can't wait!

On the home front, Kenneth left today for 5-6 days in Alabama with his USMC Reserves unit, I won't know until sometime today if he'll be gone the full time, or if he'll be back at night.

We did indeed end up going back to the shelter and bringing home the little dog I posted about a few days ago... I can't believe it, we're crazy, but I just couldn't leave him there! He is a sweetheart, and is doing well at home. He's got some fattening up to do, but all his blood work came back clean so he's in pretty good health despite all he's been through! I enjoy having both him and Brutus with me on the couch in the evenings, they are such great little companions!

So, with Kenneth gone for the next few days, I might actually get caught up on American Idol!! :D I have a bunch of recordings in the DVR that I'm so behind on! And I can watch my Netflix movie sometime this week... yay!

Now, I'm off to find breakfast. My stomach is grumbling!


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