I'm so excited!! This weekend is going to be amazing!

As if this past weekend wasn't amazing enough!! :) Not only are we anticipating our IUI happening this weekend, I found out yesterday that my aunts (my mom's 2 sisters) and my Nana are coming through the Atlanta airport on a 5 hours layover on their way to Ireland next Sunday! Oh my goodness I'm so excited to see them!!

The last time I was in WA was I think September 2007, and it was only for about a day or two, and for my grandpa's birthday party. So I visited with everyone a little at the party, but it went really fast and was a crazy busy day.

I should be able to pick them up around 4:00 and have about 3 hours with them before they will need to go back to the airport, so we'll pop over to a nearby restaurant and hang out for awhile. I'm so excited!! I miss them all SO much!!

It was also really neat to talk to my Aunt Nancy for a little while yesterday and get caught up, I was able to tell her about Vicki and John and how excited we are to hopefully be cycling at the end of this week. My family is awesome, I am so lucky to have their support - they all think it's a pretty amazing and cool thing!

At some point in the future, I hope to be able to go with Vicki to WA to have a chance for her to meet everyone and vice versa! My mom really wants me to come in June, and I would love to go but if I'm pregnant I won't fly and 0f course we are certainly hoping I will be by then!! :) (Fingers and toes crossed)!


  1. Sounds like EVERYTHING is going just great!!
    Enjoy the week!


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