Double digits tomorrow!! For some reason, I think tomorrow its really going to feel "close"!

We're having some back and forth with Dr. H. over appointment dates and the Ovidrel meds... what a mess. It is a wonderful thing to be working alongside with Vicki who makes SURE things get done and are taken care of the right way! I love it! She is not afraid to get on the phone and make sure things are in order, its a good thing too, because several very important details have been uncovered thanks to her phone calls!!

Dr. H. was planning on doing an ultrasound on Friday and then having us not come in until Monday for the trigger with a Tuesday IUI. That makes NO sense to me! Why come in 3 days prior? Yes, you get an idea of how things are looking, but you don't know what will happen in the next 3 days! He's going to be out of town over that weekend! And she found out through her calls that we have to order the ovidrel ourselves, its not going to be there at the office - so we would have not had the meds ready if we had needed them... I am just shaking my head...

In any event, we're getting closer and I think we'll be in the 2ww by early next week!! I can't wait!! :)


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