An exciting night!!

After a wonderful afternoon, we had a VERY exciting night!! :) I thought CD10 was way too early to start OPKs, but apparently it wasn't. This is what we got at 6:00pm:

Pretty dark already!! I think Vicki and I were freaking out a little!!! Both of us were jumping up and down excited, just made it so much more REAL, its REALLY happening and SOON!!

I was going to test at 9:00pm with a digital OPK to make sure I wasn't surging and I goofed the test when it came time! You're supposed to insert the test stick into the reader before peeing on it, and I peed first then inserted it (which is how I've been doing every morning with the monitor and why I forgot the correct way to do the digi OPK)... I was so MAD at myself!! I tried to hold it about 10 minutes and pee again but there just wasn't much left (I know, I know TMI!!) so it was enough for a reading, but I don't think it was a good sample (when I looked at the test lines on the two tests afterwards, the one I had messed up had a darker test line then the one I did correctly the second time). So, in any event it was negative but we weren't 100% sure that it should have been since I goofed!

The CB Fertility monitor is still reading low this morning, and maybe its correct and we still have a few days, but we're testing actively with the OPKs to make sure we don't miss my surge. I have 2 of them in my purse, ready to go this morning and depending on how dark the line is I'll probably test again this evening.

We're still planning to go tomorrow AM for our follicle check, but it may turn into our IUI day depending on the OPKs!

Last night, even before I took the test, I knew at least Vicki and possibly everyone would probably be coming over at some point by the weekend so I started cleaning the bathroom. The living room ALWAYS needs a general tidying, I cannot keep up with that room between Kenneth throwing his workout and school stuff everywhere and the dogs tracking stuff in and leaving toys everywhere (they are worse then Kent!!) :D I got even more motivation after seeing that OPK!!

Can't wait to have even more updates soon!


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