SO Blessed!

Wow... I am soooo blessed!! My FIM "I" called me this afternoon and we talked for about 10 minutes catching up... I told her about John & Vicki and let her know we're doing TS and hoping to cycle this month. She said so many sweet things to me, that the baby would be gorgeous, that she hoped my IPs were deserving (which I told her OF COURSE they are!!) and so on. It was a great conversation and I was really happy that she called. She told me all about Fiona, and how beautiful, polite, and smart she is. It touched me down to my tippy toes to hear how much she loves that little girl coming through the line - in every word she said. She's so proud of her, and it just melts my heart! I told her I think of them every day, I still have Fiona's birth announcement (one I printed up and posted at work) pinned to my bulletin board behind my computer monitor, so I see it every day! She said she thanks God every day for Fiona and is so thankful to me too... I just feel filled to overflowing. I am so blessed to have T&I and Fiona in my life, so thankful for that wonderful GS journey. I know I will FOREVER have them in my life, that I can pick the phone up anytime and call, that I will always get updates and pictures of them to see how their little girl is filling their lives with joy. And "I" invited me to come visit again! She said if I'm not pregnat in May that would be a good month to visit, so I am keeping that in mind! If not this year, I will definitely try to go next after delivery... I am THRILLED that she invited me!

To have such amazing GS IPs, and now to be matched with amazing TS IPs... I know I am blessed, and I am so grateful for all of the incredible people I have connected with through surrogacy.


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