Weekly Meal Plan ~ 6/1/20

Dear month of May... where did you go??! It's crazy to me - the first menu plan for the new month of June... the time just keeps on flying by.

It's getting hotter and hotter here, Lindsey has been spending more and more time out in the small kiddie pool in the backyard to entertain herself and stay cool too. She likes taking a pile of Barbies out with her and having a swim party. :) All this social distancing is hard on a very social butterfly, so she at least has to have her dolls with her!

For this week, I'm recycling a few few from last week that we didn't get around to - I had been in the mood for cheese steaks for awhile so we ended up enjoying some from our favorite local shop last week one day, plus the usual too many leftovers and needing to eat those first! Unless I make small batches of things, we have too many leftovers for me to be able to cook every day for the most part. Plus I think my son will choose to live off of baked goods instead of real food when it's available. Sigh. Balance - working on the balance!

Baked Pork Cube Steaks
Roasted Beets
Creamy Baked Mac N Cheese

Chicken Salad With Almonds & Poppyseed Dressing

Slow Cooker Gumbo with Chicken

Pretzel Crusted Chicken
Broccoli with Bow Ties and Peas


Honey and Goat Cheese Chicken

Baking This Week:

Lemon Curd Filled Madeleine Cookies
Blueberry Lemon Lavendar Frangipane


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