Kurumi Ket - #1 Multipurpose Adjustable Baby Carrier Cover with Hoodie #Review

This is such a great product - it has SO many great uses from nursing cover, to blanket, to baby carrier, stroller, or carseat cover. It is adjustable and has snaps to help you utilize it in many different ways. And most importantly (in my opinion) it is INCREDIBLY snuggly and so soft! This is a great product that can grow with your child from infanthood through toddlerhood.

My 16 year old (ok, and I did too) thought about confiscating this for ourselves - the furry soft lining is just so cozy and feels very nice against your skin. Any baby or child would love having one of these to cuddle up with. Lindsey is 17 months old now, and I know she will get years of use out of the Kurumi Ket - for now I'm sure it will primarily be a snuggle buddy that we keep in her playroom, but it is perfect for a warming layer to keep over her when in her carseat for trips out during these colder months, and will be nice as a blanket she can cuddle up to her in crib at night or during naps (Lindsey has to have a soft fuzzy blanket to wrap herself in and cuddle with at bedtime)!

A great space saving feature of the Kurumi Ket is that it folds into it's own pouch when you need to store it or pack it for travel!
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Product Information:

Kurumi Ket Baby Carrier Cover - an Adjustable DOUBLE LAYERED Winter fleece with Hoodie

Ground breaking MULTI-FUNCTIONAL BABY CARRIER COVER also moonlights as a Stroller Cover, Nursing Cover, a Poncho, and a Super Snugly Blankie. Its versatile design means that you can use it in various ways, and it is suitable for newborn babies, up to children of 5 years old.
  • Attaches quickly and easily to almost any baby carrier and stroller 
  • Adjustable. Innovative design allows you to create a pocket to fit baby's size perfectly 
  • Double Layered Fleece with Hoodie, providing extra warmth and comfort, wind resistant to keep baby warm 
  • Can be used with baby facing in or out, or while carrying baby on your back 
  • Strong, durable, seam sealed for additional protection 
  • Quality manufactured, Made With Pride
  • Kurumi Ket GROWS WITH BABY! Perfect for newborns, perfect for toddlers. 
  • Easy to use. Get baby warm and happy in seconds 
  • Available in three FASHIONABLE, neutral patterns for boys and girls (Blue Skies, Dark Skies, Gray Skies) 
  • Machine washable + easily folds into a pouch for storage in a diaper bag
Stay warm and snuggly all winter with 5 uses!
  1. Strap onto your baby carrier for a warm, snugly ride. Create an adjustable puch to keep baby's feet extra toasty; or 
  2. Keep baby comfortable while you are out and about. Quickly and easily strap onto your stroller, or 
  3. Need to nurse, in public? Kurumi Ket's generous size keeps mom discretely covered while breastfeeding; or 
  4. Nap time? Play time? Move time? Whenever time? Use as snugly blankie or: 
  5. Baby no longer a baby? Use your Kurumi Ket as a poncho (or cape for budding superheroes)
This is the one and only Baby Carrier Cover (and stroller cover, nursing cover...) you will need!

*Full Disclosure: I received complimentary product from Lucky Baby World for the purpose of review. I received no compensation for this post. All comments are 100% accurate and 100% my own.


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