Gestational Surrogacy ~ Cycling Schedule Received!

I am so excited!! We have a cycle schedule!!

I've been on lupron since February 19th, and here is the schedule I'm on, and my updated protocol I just received.

  • You will begin birth control pills today and take it until 2/26/15.
  • You will begin taking Lupron 10 units on 2/19/15
  • You will overlap Lupron and birth control pills for 1 week from 2/19/15 to 2/26/15.
  • You last birth control pill will be on 2/26/15
  • You should expect start a period within 1 weeks. Call RBA with Day of cycle 1. (Day of cycle 1 is when you start full flow. Spotting does not count). We will schedule embryo thaw when you call with your period. We will also give you a second protocol at that time.
2nd Protocol:
  • You are going to continue taking Lupron 10 units daily until 3/7/15.
  • You will decrease the Lupron dose to 5 units on 3/8/15 and continue until directed to stop.
  • You are going to start Estrace 2mg ½ tablet twice daily and Baby Aspirin (anytime) on 3/8/15 and then follow the protocol.
  • You will need an ultrasound to check your endometrial lining on one 3/18/15
  • Please review your medications to be sure that you have all the medications on your protocol.
  • Your embryo transfer will be on 3/27/15.
  • You first pregnancy test will be on 4/6/15.
YAY!! So exciting!! Estrogen starts in just 4 more days, and then our first lining check is just 2 weeks from today! Once you get to the point of starting actual cycle meds, things always move so quickly - so much hurry up and wait, hurry up and wait, and then bam! It's the big day before you know it! At this point all I can do is hope and pray my lining cooperates and that things look like they're supposed to on the 18th and then count down the days to transfer. I have had some weird flashes / dreams of delivering a healthy baby boy for my IPs the past few days, so am feeling hopeful and positive for this cycle. (And I admit, having only carried one boy out of the six children I've carried and birthed I'm kind of hoping to carry a boy again - just to see if the pregnancy is different from my others and similar to my very first at all!)

Fingers and toes crossed, and positive thoughts heading out - ready to start estrogen and start balancing my hormones out again; I've been having lupron headaches ever since I stopped the birth control pills, so I'm ready for those to be on their way out again.


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