My Favorite Chocolate...

I was just talking to hubby about some of my favorite things chocolate! This includes:

* Newly discovered homemade chocolate chip cookies

* Reese's Big Cups (hubby's favorites, and I always have to steal a bite of peanut butter chocolaty goodness)

* Peanut Butter Bars from (granted more peanut butter love than chocolate going on with this one!)

* S'mores (mmm.... campfire anyone?!)

* Anything from Theo

* Ghirardelli Caramel Chocolate squares

* Cadbury Cream Eggs (it's that time of year again!!)

* Anything chocolate dipped from Edible Arrangements (especially the pineapple daisies - can you say heaven?!)

* Chocolate dipped strawberries

* And on the adult rated side KY Kissable Sensations!

* My sister-in-law April's chocolate dream pie (I don't have a recipe... must remedy this situation!)

* Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate especially with a little whipped cream or a few mini-mallows on top

* Raspberry Mochas from Starbucks

* Chocolate Cake from Cafe Sunflower (this one will put me in a happy chocolate coma for days)

* Pain au chocolate (especially from Le Panier at Pike Place Market)

* Nutella

The world is just a better place with a little (or a lot) of chocolate in it! :)

What are some of YOUR favorite things chocolate?


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