Oh Mr. Sun, Sun...

Please shine down on me!! They've cranked the A/C up in the office and I am sitting here trying to huddle into myself and FREEZING!! BRRR!! I wish I had a big fluffy sweater and warm fuzzy socks on right now. It doesn't help that I'm having to wear open-toed shoes this week - last weekend I made the mistake of wearing an adorable pair of shoes that I forgot didn't fit quite right and they gave me horrible blisters on the inside of both of my feet in a weird spot. It's very sore, and I only have one pair of shoes that fits around the healing blister spot and doesn't put pressure on it, and they're open-toed... so my tootsies are freezing too!! I'm half way tempted to go pull the cover off the termostat and crank it up a little!

We have Kenneth's MRI follow up this evening and I am really looking forward to hearing the details on what the scan revealed and how this will affect his treatment plan. He's doing very well with the physical therapy, but he's still not better yet, still pretty sore most days so I hope something on the scan will give them a better sense of what he needs and what his back can handle so they can get him fixed up! The timing of it kind of sucks, but is kind of a good thing too - he's heard from the recruiter at Alion, the company he's probably going to be taking a job with after graduation next month and they've submitted his resume for review by those who approve/disapprove potential candidates. Once he gets the official OK we'll actually start talking details and timelines which is very exciting, the recruiter said we should hear back within the week - fingers crossed! Kenneth is a little nervous about his back though, he doesn't want to head to Kansas City and not be in good physical shape for training and then eventually deployment. I am pretty sure it won't be a problem for him to continue physical therapy there in KC during training, but if for some reason he needs more than just PT and would need surgery and recovery time I think that's what he's really worried about. He is fine with having to go to PT for maintenance, but he wants to be mostly healed by the time he needs to leave Georgia, so he can exercise normally and stay in shape and be physically able to handle the training without being in constant pain. So, I'm hoping the appointment today will shed some light on how things might go over the next month and give us both a better sense of how things might play out. Fingers crossed he will continue to get better and stronger without any major interventions, and hoping it will happen sooner rather than later for him!

Kent got back from his great-grandmother's yesterday evening and I was very happy to have him home - I missed him, though the time really flew by. He got to go to Barnes & Nobles with Honey and use all the gift certificates he'd received - most back from birthday/Christmas and he was excited to show me his new goodies! She got him a hair cut too and it looks great! He was getting shaggy again - his hair grows like crazy and with how thick and poofy it tends to be it doesn't take long to reach the shaggy phase!

Nothing new to report on the surrogacy front yet, testing will be completed next week and I'm just waiting to hear any news on the contract front - what the guesstimated time frame for that should be. I am so excited to be less than a week away from a time frame and completing all of our to-do's and then have an idea of when we'll actually get a calendar - I'm so excited to see a calendar and then get meds and actually start taking them again! That is ridiculous, I know, but all my surro-friends out there know what I mean, I'm sure!!

I think I need a cup of something hot to drink and hold so maybe these chills will go away! Maybe its time for laps around the office!


  1. Super excited to follow your blog :) Like you I am on surrogacy #3 looking forward to reading all about it..


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