We will have a transfer schedule SOON!!

Jenn texted me this morning that she'd been talking to Tammy at ACRM to coordinate a transfer schedule and the clinic said we could aim for the week of May 16th or May 23rd. The week of the 23rd is better for them since they have Friday off (they will start thawing the embryo's on Monday the 23rd and transfer would either happen Wednesday or Friday depending on how the embryo's look), and it's better for us too in that we don't know when Kenneth's back surgery will happen still and I don't want it overlapping that first week post surgery since I know he'll still need a lot of babying and after transfer I have to be careful how much weight I pick up and generally like to take it as easy as possible for at least a couple days (I haven't heard what ACRM's guidelines are post transfer yet, some are super strict and some are pretty laid back so obviously whatever their protocol is I will follow!! :) ) I figured the later week is better to give us time to get contracts together without rushing too! Chad sent me a text last night asking for my OB's first name and I assumed that probably had something to do with the contract stuff being pulled together - so maybe next week we'll be able to see a draft to work on finalizing that which would be great! I'm guesstimating it'll be about 2 weeks or so to do contracts from now, since it shouldn't be too big of an effort, just depends on how that first draft looks like compared to what we'd already talked about! :)

In any event, I cannot wait to hear we actually have a CALENDAR to work with! That will be very exciting to have dates to plan around and look forward to and count down to - right now we're just a little over a month away from our estimated transfer date... WOW! Fingers crossed and positive thoughts!!

I also had to share a quick comment on an audio book I finished up a couple days ago that had me bawling like a baby at the end! If you love Nicholas Sparks novels and haven't read At First Sight (which is the follow up to True Believer) I'm going to have to recommend it. I thought it was another wonderful novel from him. I'm a sap and love his romantic novels and this was certainly no exception, it was sadder than I expected it to be though!! I just started "The Lovely Bones" yesterday and am completely sucked in. I had seen the movie awhile back and have been meaning to pick a copy of this one up at the library and finally remembered to reserve the audio book a couple weeks ago and it came in. It is very similar to the movie so far, just with a LOT more detail. I can't wait to get all the way through it! Audiobooks make commuting SO much more enjoyable! :)

So, had to pop in with that quick update - fingers crossed for an actual calendar today or tomorrow and soon after we have that I'm sure I will be getting ready to receive the big box of fun in lupron, estrogen and progesterone format! Yay for more progress - I'm so excited! :)


  1. Fantastic! Moving right along!

  2. It's so exciting!! I can't even believe it, things are just coming together so well - fingers crossed it continues! :)


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