Two More Checked Off the List!

Yippee!! Two more things done, and one day closer! Kenneth picked me up at my office this morning around 10:30 and we drove the short drive over to ACRM's office, we waited a little past our appointment time and were taken back with Dr. Allen. We chatted for close to an hour and talked about everything from how we met, to how we feel about selective reduction, to Kenneth's career plans after graduation and family mental health history. We definitely covered a little bit of everything! I felt like it was a good, thorough discussion and hopefully Dr. Allen feels we are good candidates and we can move forward with the medical screening next week. :) She seemed to have all positive feedback for us, so I think everything looks good for moving forward! Kenneth hates going to those appointments, hates having to share and be open with a relative stranger, but I admit I always love getting to hear him answer the questions and getting more of an inside peek into him - they're always things I know about him, but it's different and kind of special getting to hear him tell how he feels about surrogacy, about me, about our life and our experiences to someone else. :)

Kenneth and I stopped and grabbed lunch at La Madeleine which is a very cute and yummy french bakery and bistro - they make great soups, sandwiches and salads. We each tried a different hot sandwich and were not disappointed - their breads are really great. I wanted to get a chocolate pastry to see how it stacks up against my favorite French bakery in Seattle, but I guess I'll save that for another day; they sure did look tempting though! :)

I texted Jenn that we could check two more things off the list and she said Yippee! :D They have a consult with their R.E. tomorrow and hopefully after that appointment we'll get an overview on what the clinic's general game plan is for us; I'm not sure exactly what they'll be talking about, but I imagine it's a "game plan" type consult - we'll find out tomorrow! :)

One of the things Kenneth and I were talking to the counselor about is one of my tendancies to get so excited about things that I'm anticipating and looking forward to - "kid on Christmas day syndrome" I think is the new term that has been coined from today's appointment - and I am definitely having a  "kid on Christmas day" moment! :D I'm very excited for all the "what's next" and look forward to each little milestone as we work towards making Jenn and Chad parents! Yay! :D

(Ok, have I officially used up my quota of smiley faces? I've exceeded my quota... sigh... oh well!! :D )


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