Surrogacy Update - Progress!

I am super excited to report that after my excitement level overwhelmed my patience level early this afternoon I sent a note to the ACRM coordinator and asked for a quick update on the testing results, and to see what was still outstanding. She replied that "funny you should ask" everything was back and normal! YIPPEE!! I excitedly shot a text to Jenn with the great update - next we have to complete contracts before we can cycle but theoretically we should be able to still talk about a calendar with the clinic; depending on just how strict they are. Hopefully contracts won't take too long since we've already gone over it all, it's just a matter of tweaking some of the wording so the attorney is happy as well probably. We'll see how the first draft looks whenever that is ready! :) I told Jenn anytime late May or anytime in June works for me to aim for transfer if we can pull everything together and the clinic is ok with that time frame as well - early June puts me 7 months post-partum so I think anywhere around there should be good... we'll see! So now we wait anxiously for attorney news and a calendar update from the clinic! :) (If you haven't caught on by now, PATIENCE is a little bit of a necessity as a surrogate or an IP!) So, while I go in search of my patience hopefully everything will continue to come together as well as it has been so far! :)


  1. Patience is a virtue my friend! I think those in the surrogacy world is used to finding extreme patience and also we know more about hurry up and wait than any other group of people!!

    Good luck! Cant wait to follow right along with you!

  2. Great news!! June will be here before we know it!! Congratulations!

  3. Tell me about it Melanie!! I think we all (surros and IP's) deserve gold stars in the patience and hurry up and wait categories... :D And thank you Jeni - I agree, the time will pass quickly - I'm sure, May is going to be a busy month at our house!! :)


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