Testing Day 2 of 5 Coming Up Tomorrow!

We're all excited to be making a little more progress this week with testing day number 2 of 5 happening tomorrow. Kenneth and I will meet with Dr. Allen for our joint consult at about 10:45am at ACRM tomorrow and Kenneth's labs will be drawn as well then he should be all set and they probably won't need him for any further appointments at the clinic. He'll just need to sign contracts when the time comes for that.

It will be awesome to get a couple more things checked off the list, and I'm looking forward to meeting Dr. Allen as well! I'm hoping maybe I'll get to bump into Donna who I've been communicating with back and forth via e-mail for the past month approximately! We'll get to see Jenn and Chad again for our group consult session which looks like it will be on April 15th, so in just 12 more days we should be ALL done with testing! After our counseling session tomorrow, all of my medical screenings (over 2 different days) will be the following week and we'll end that week with the last of the psych appointments and hopefully that will be that! We should have a pretty good idea of the game plan by then, so less than 2 weeks and we'll have an idea of all the "what's next"! Yay! That will be awesome to know what the clinic is thinking in terms of protocol and timeline. It always makes it more "real" when you have actual dates to work with.

It has been SUCH a gorgeous weekend! I am loving soaking up all this sunshine, I can feel it warm on my face as I'm typing (and watching Kent out there finishing up mowing the back yard!) :)

Our puppies have been enjoying soaking up the sunshine out on the deck too!
Kent and I had a nice afternoon just the two of us yesterday, heading over to the mall for some shopping at a few specialty stores. I wanted to use my "The Body Shop" groupon and had a couple freebies at Bath & Body and Victoria's Secret as well (if you don't have an Angels card GET ONE you get so many awesome freebies and coupons throughout the year from V.S.!) :)

The goodies I picked up at The Body Shop - they smell FANTASTIC! Can't wait to try them out!


  1. Hi There!! Looks like everything is going as planned! I pray that everything goes the way you want it to. Did you mention that you were a surrogate before? ( I hope I'm not totally embarrassing myself and getting it all mixed up!)

    I love the Body Shop!! Smells so yummy and fresh in there!What's your favorite product?

  2. You're not mixed up! :) This will be my 3rd surrogacy journey! I have delivered as a GS twice before (7/07 and 11/10). Things are moving along! Now we just have to get through the rest of the medical screening next week and then the fun stuff! :) And I think I loved the way the coconut body butter smelled the best, I really, really liked the satsuma too - I got a couple things with that scent - it all smells so good! I haven't gotten to start trying them out yet though, have to use up the Bath & Body ones I'm in the middle of first! :D


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