Update from Jenn!

Jenn's text today said:
Just left Dr. Hasty. She was very happy with you! They are going to conference and see if they want to thaw 4 or 8 at once. She is leaning towards 4 but wants a colleague to look at them when the time comes. They will also decide last minute how many to transfer, no more than 2, probably on a Wednesday or Friday... Sounds like May will be earliest to possibly transfer! : -)
Yippee!!! I replied back that I got chill bumps - because I literally did when I read that! SO exciting!! I am glad to hear the RE is happy with my records and am even more excited to get through our med screening next week so we can have all of our i's dotted and t's crossed and move on to the fun stuff - sounds like we could be on our way to cycling within a month or so!

I asked Jenn if she's talked to the attorney's office - even though we've all generally agreed on what we want in the contract and have talked pretty in-depth about it, I am not sure if anything has officially been started with Ruth's office. I know last time since Ruth matched me with L&N we were in touch with her a lot more frequently and from the very beginning but I think if I remember from my first match we didn't move forward with any actual contract "stuff" until the testing phase was completed. But irregardless, I imagine by the end of the month we'll be working towards finalizing contracts and getting those signed off on; I don't anticipate that process taking very long once we start it since Jenn, Chad, Kenneth and I have already talked everything through and had one of Ruth's (the attorney) contracts to work from already.

So more "kid on Christmas day" giddy anticipation and excitement from me!! Yay! :)


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