Happy Easter!

Happy Easter wishes from our family to yours! We started our morning with our traditional non-traditional egg hunt. We hide eggs in the house for the Boy to find when he wakes up!

We had homemade biscuits (and sausage patties for the boys) for breakfast and are looking forward to a quiet day. It's beautiful outside and the Boy has gone out to find his friends to play with for a couple hours while I prepare to tackle the quest of making my very first tiramisu! I'm nervous but excited to see how it will come out! I made ladyfingers yesterday for the tiramisu since I couldn't find them at the store. They seem to have come out well, so I'm hopeful the tiramisu might as well. Tiramisu is one of the Man's favorites, so I hope it comes out well - we'll see! :)

Here are a few pictures from this morning I wanted to share!

 According to the knows-everything 12 year old child you're never too old for Easter... until you turn 18! :D

 Adding some of his found "treasure" to the basket.

Contemplating the mysteries of life... or perhaps just debating if mommy and daddy are messing with him when they told him to keep looking on the shelf...

 Aww, puppy snuggles.

 Hershey Marshmallow eggs! What are these? Don't worry son, they're good - we taste tested for you!

 More treasures! I think he was excited about the mini Cadbury creme-eggs!
 My favorite thing in the whole wide world - a big smile on my boy's face... Equals LOVE!!

I hope your Easter started with lots of candy and happy smiles too!! :)


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