The Friday Rundown...

This post is bound to be rather all over the place since there are several things that have happened in the past 24 hours that are completely unrelated but worth mentioning!!

Follow up for Kenneth's MRI was last night. Results were NOT what we expected or hoped for, his back is in bad shape and the doctor is STRONGLY advising surgery and ASAP. He said Kenneth is at risk for paralysis because of some severe spinal cord compression... this is huge and we're still absorbing all the ramifications but right now we're just trying to get through the steps necessary to get surgery lined up and then deal with recovery and whatever else comes up as we go... I'm scared for him, anxious to get everything lined up so we can get it done and focus on healing... I go from being ok about it, to overwhelmed, to anxious, to angry, to sad, and around again! It's just a lot to take in at once when it is so far from what we thought we would hear... all those years of occasional leg numbness and tingling weren't a pinched nerve like we thought but instead was his spinal cord being compressed... thank God we DID finally get in and are getting it taken care of - the idea that one day he could have woken up paralyzed because the spinal cord gave out just makes my physically ill... I spent a lot of time last night on the phone, sending texts and e-mails and researching the diagnosis they gave us and Kenneth researched the doctor and procedure more. There are lots of prayers going up for him and I am trusting they will help us get through this and help him get through recovery safely as well... They fitted him with a (VERY EXPENSIVE) custom back brace this morning which should help keep him stable until the surgery, then he'll be in it for probably at least 6 weeks after surgery during recovery. That made me feel a little better, knowing he has something to hopefully hold everything in place until they can go in and replace the disc and screw everything in place... ugh that sounds horrible... blech.

So, aside from that earth shattering and scary news my life continues! I had a career fair to attend today - it was QUITE an adventure. We (ok, I) parked in the wrong spot and had to take a shuttle to the building we were supposed to be at, once we were there and set up it was fine - pretty small event this year but it was nice to talk to the students and hang out with a former employee and catch up with her. Lunch was a very tasty veggie burger which I thought was different from normal college food catering! We wrapped up after lunch ended and lugged our goodies back out to the street (my feet were aching by this time, these shoes I've been stuck in because of my sore blisters are little sandals with a heel - NOT ideal walking shoes and we'd already done a bunch of walking to get there while carrying boxes of stuff, and been on our feet talking to the students during the actual event). So by the time I got off the trolley again over by the parking garage I took my shoes OFF and walked barefoot through the parking lot and parking garage. My feet are still sore - I am thinking a date with my Dr. Scholls foot spa is in order for this evening. Ouch!! We made it back to the office without too much further excitement and I should be able to head home soon and see my boys!

The other unrelated but linked event was that the person I went to the career fair with asked me about surrogacy! He is thinking because of a surgery procedure and some subsequent health complications it is possible he and his future wife may look into surrogacy as an option for family building. He asked me a little about how I connected with my IPs and I told him about - such a great resource that website has been! I always love sharing my experiences with people, if I can help someone a little through what I've been through and learned I am more than happy to!

In any event, I think that sums up the past 24 hours as much as I'm able to at the moment... my brain function is feeling limited at the moment!!


  1. I'll be praying for the 3 of you as you get through Kenneth's surgery. The day after Ginny turned 1, Travis went in for surgery on his back, and it was -- no doubt -- the most challenging time of our marriage. He had two procedures, actually, with one day in between, and recovery was TOUGH, but it was SO worth it. He has no problems with his back now. Praying that Kenneth has an easier time of it, but with equally stellar results!

  2. I am SO happy to hear positive stories from some who've had to go through back surgery - initially we had thought we would put surgery off as long as possible since he's heard so many negative stories about surgery causing constant everyday aches and pains - but obviously even if that is the case we don't have a choice at this point and have to do this and soon - but it is very encouraging to hear from others who've been through it, made it through recovery and had major improvements because of it. Thank you very much for prayers and positive thoughts, they are so appreciated!!


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