Box 'O Meds and First Lupron Injection!

I was very excited to get the box of meds today at work and excitedly looked through it all and checked everything off the list - glad to see it was all there! We had a "hiccup" in that meds were SUPPOSED to be here on Wednesday as my first injection was due this AM. I had talked to the pharmacy on Tuesday evening after they'd spoken to Jenn to coordinate everything on their end. I talked to them I think around 7:30 PM and gave them the delivery instructions. At the time the rep said I'd get everything the next day. Well when it was almost 3:00PM on Wednesday I knew something was wrong and called the pharmacy back. I actually got the same rep I'd spoken to the night before and she remembered me! She looked in the computer for a tracking number and then came back to tell me "oops" the shipping facility had already been closed when I talked to her the night before and the order wasn't actually being shipped until today! If I'd been counting on the meds being there I probably would have freaked out at that point and made a call to the RE about calling in a script to my local pharmacy for lupron, but I knew it was fine since I had some at home in the fridge still. I'm glad it's all here now though!!

So here is my "first lupron" injection series. Sadly my camera battery died RIGHT when I got the needle in, and I only ended up with a dark fuzzy photo of the actual injection, but really that's kind of funny too! :D

Got all of my lovely supplies ready (lupron, insulin needle, alcohol swab and because I'm a wimp I like to ice the injection site really good first)!

While I'm icing, I one-handedly open the package holding the syringe and wipe the lupron bottle with the alcohol.

 I pull back on the plunger to the correct amount I'll be injecting and then insert the needle into the bottle and push the air in. At this point I'm good and numb and remove the ice (see lovely cold red spot?) and then quickly wipe the injection site with another alcohol pad and then flip the lupron bottle upside down and draw out the correct amount of liquid.

 Then there is some breathing in and out and trying to remind myself I've done this a bazillion times before, I won't feel it and it's not a big deal (remind me why my heart starts racing again?!) and then stick! Then I sit (stand, whatever) there and think "why was I worried about that again?" This cycle will repeat probably every single day. I get all psyched out about it, and then I don't even feel the dadgum thing!! And above is the result of my one attempt at a photo of the injection before my camera battery died! :)

 Now onto the BOX 'O MEDS! Yippee!!

Syringes, needles, lupron kit, more syringes, estrace and a couple other pills, Progesterone in Sesame Oil, alcohol wipes and a sharps container!

Then I put them all into their home for the next couple months, my little blue basket which sits in my bathroom under the little table that holds our CD player (which hubby must blare the radio from EVERY SINGLE MORNING)! :D

And there you have it! Lupron injection number one is complete, all the meds arrived safe and sound and are now tucked away into their home and I can't wait to see how this cycle comes together!! :)


  1. Great update!! I am very much looking forward to following this journey. :)

  2. Very exciting!! It's beginning :)

  3. What an awesome detailed update and description... looking forward to following your journey!

  4. Oh man!! How exciting! Hope the meds treat ya well! Excited to follow your journey:)

  5. Boxes of meds, needles, injections, bruises (ouch)... family making in progress! Yay!!!

  6. Thank you all!! :) It still hasn't totally sunk in that we're really and truly CYCLING now! Eek!! :D


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