Happy.... :)

I am HAPPY.... really, truly, genuinely, all the way to my very toes just plain happy. And I love it... it feels so good! I will be driving home and catch a glimpse of myself in the rear view mirror and see a silly smile on my face and it will make me grin all the more. :) Right now I am happy because:

* I am listening to my boys play battle ship as they watch a stupid show; listening to them playing together makes me very happy!

* It is sunny and gorgeous outside, and I have been missing the sunshine the past couple days and I love seeing it!

* I just ordered dinner from Pizza Hut - so bad, but I absolutely adore their cheese sticks, and I don't think we've had Pizza Hut literally since the night before I went into labor (so that would be November 6th I believe), so I figured we could get away with it tonight - so no cooking and no real clean up!

* Did I mention I love listening to my boys saying "you sunk my battle ship!" :)

* I have a great company and I really enjoy the people I work with - one in particular made me laugh numerous times today!

* I am matched with a wonderful couple and feel so excited and hopeful for the months to come and can't wait to see how it unfolds!

* My period arrived this morning, right on schedule, and I am glad my body is cooperating with the schedule we have laid out for testing!

* The coordinator at the clinic is really nice and sent a reminder e-mail this evening about our Monday appointment and I really hope I get to meet her on Monday, and I'm excited to get to check another "to-do" off the list then!

* Hubby and I are going to head over to the mall tomorrow for some errands and shopping and meandering and I can't wait to visit some of my favorite shops and have a nice couple hours out with him!

* It is beautiful and green again after all the rain, so even though I've complained about the overcast skies and the extra miserable commutes, I sure do love the growth and the green from the rain!

* No alarm clock tomorrow morning!!

* I am looking forward to a fuzzy blanket and sweet puppies to snuggle with on the couch after dinner.

I could probably keep going, but dinner has arrived so I am off to enjoy a couple ever so yummy cheese sticks smothered in marinara and put on some comfy pajama pants and enjoy our Friday night!


  1. What a pleasant attitude!! I love it!!! Enjoy the pizza and relaxing evening!


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