Houston, we have a calendar! :)

It happened, it really happened already... I am a little blown away still at how quickly the clinic was able to get everything together in what feels like a short amount of time and SUPER excited to have dates to work with already! The only thing I'm a little nervous about is the calendar they gave me has me starting injectables (lupron) next THURSDAY (4/28) but I have yet to see a contract draft. It's highly recommended to NOT start actual cycling meds without a signed contract in hand. I am on the "there has to be some trust in this relationship" and am personally not worried about it - but I do think in general it is the right thing to have contracts taken care of prior to starting meds. I think the reason I'm not personally worried about it in this situation is because Jenn, Chad and I have so thoroughly gone over a draft already and talked through the issues and questions we had. It's just a matter of getting the information we talked about in a new draft and seeing it and making sure it matches what we already discussed and agreed to. I think that's the potential "scary part" when it comes to no contracts and starting meds. You don't want to find yourself on your way to a transfer without a signed contract and find out a week or two prior to transfer that you and your IPs don't agree on something important which holds up contracts or possibly causes the match to fall apart. I don't feel that's a risk for us in this case.

In any event!! HERE is the beautiful tentative calendar!

4/28 lupron starts at .1cc
5/3 last active BCP
5/9 baseline u/s
5/10 start estrace 2mg 2x daily, drop lupron to .05cc
5/15 increase estrace 2mg 3x daily
5/20 midcycle lining check
5/22 start progesterone (if lining is ok), stop lupron, start medrol 1x PM
5/25 or 5/27 transfer!

The meds are being ordered and I will order a refill of my BCPs (I still have 8 left but will need 4 more active pills than I have - so I have to get a full pack of BCPs for those 4 more pills!!)
I get this huge wave of nervousness and excitement when I look at that info in writing in front of me - SO surreal and exciting to be preparing to start cycling again and I am incredibly excited to be at this point already and so blessed to be matched with Jenn and Chad and so HOPEFUL that everything is going to go smoothly and we'll be well on our way to making them parents in the very near future!! :)


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