Virginia Beach!

I have arrived safe and sound for a week long visit to Virginia Beach. On Friday afternoon I was asked if I'd be willing and able to go to our BC office in VA Beach and help for at least a week in person on a massive deliverable I've been supporting part time from Atlanta the past couple weeks. I was honored to be asked and excited about the opportunity and after clearing it with Kenneth and my boss we finalized plans and I made the arrangements.

It was a rather eventful morning getting me here - Kenneth and I left with plenty of time to spare, though it seemed we got behind every single slow driver between us and the airport and hit every single red light, but we still had lots of time even with stopping for breakfast. I had well over an hour 'til my flight was due to leave at 10:49am when I got to my gate. We sat and waited, and waited, and waited some more and I listened to my Harlan Coben audio book I copied into iTunes and put on my iPod last night! Eventually we got the update that the flight was running behind, hopefully no more than 10 minutes. HA! We didn't leave until around noon! Thankfully we seemed to make up some time in the air and touched down around 1:10. I had to get from the F terminal to the B terminal via shuttle after waiting for them to bring all of our carry on bags up from the storage area of the plane (the plane was TINY and all roller bag carryons had to be stored below for the flight). So we sat and tapped our feet and watched our watches and finally we had baggage in hand and I walked quickly to the shuttle, then kept my feet moving until eventually I saw my gate! I saw everyone standing up ready to board but there were still quite a few people at the gate so I figured I had time for a quick bathroom break and then straight back to the terminal. When I finally stopped in line and asked what zone they were loading I was told 1 (I was zone 3) I breathed a sigh of relief. I checked the time and it was 1:40... 15 minutes before my flight was scheduled to leave but I made it!!!

After that everything seemed to be back on track - the flight touched down exactly when it was supposed to and I called to let the hotel know I'd arrived and their shuttle came to get me just a few minutes after I made it outside of baggage claim. The first thing I really noticed was all the beautiful trees and flowering plants there were all around the airport - SO pretty!! I'm staying at a Springhill Suites Marriott not far from the Norfolk airport and will head home Friday afternoon.

I think I'm all set to enjoy a busy and productive week and have to admit having a few quiet evenings to myself sounds wonderful! I feel mommy and wife guilt admitting that out loud. The hotel has an indoor pool and whirlpool that I am about to go take advantage of, followed by a bath and then maybe I'll walk to Ruby Tuesday's for dinner. Denny's is nearby too, but after the all morning traveling including McDonald's for breakfast and coffee and Cinnabon (MMMMMMMMMMMMM) for lunch I think Ruby Tuesday's salad bar sounds just about right for tonight! I have a laptop from work to use while I'm here and it has a card reader, but it doesn't appear to want to read the SD card from my camera, so I'll have to see if I can figure that out and I'm hoping to be able to post pictures along with my posts this week - if not I guess I'll have to come back in and add them when I'm home next weekend!

In any event, I am excited to be here and hopeful I will be a good enough help on this huge project to make the time and money to bring me out here worthwhile!! :)

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!


  1. Hey! We're in the same state right now....albeit on the opposite end of the state. We absolutely love VA Beach, especially in the springtime! Enjoy your week!

  2. Wish I was closer to VA Beach/Norfolk. I am about 3 hours from there in my home town. If I wasn't cycling, I would come visit you anyway but I am traveling so much with U/S and the IUI this week that I need to stay home and study some too!!! Have a great stay here!!

  3. Aww Mel! I know you're a busy girl even more than usual lately! :)

    Thank you both for the well wishes for a good week - I know it's going to fly by!


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