To Transfer Or Not To Transfer... Anxiously Waiting...

It is almost 9:00 am... if we transfer today it will happen at 11:30 - with an 11:00am arrival at the clinic. We have not heard anything yet!! Jenn and I just exchanged a couple quick texts, I was told we'd hear "around 8:00" and Jenn wasn't given a time frame... This is TORTURE people!!

I am sitting here with a big bowl of fresh pineapple to eat for my breakfast but can't touch it because my stomach is churning with excitement and anticipation for that phone call!! What will they say? Yes! It's TODAY! Or no, embryos all look good still so we're waiting 'til Friday??! WHAT people, WHAT will they say?! I may seem a tad on the crazy side right now, but that's probably a fair statement - the excitement, anticipation and sheer "not knowing" will drive you a little crazy when you feel really strongly about something! :)

Ok... maybe I will try to get up, stretch a little, find a fork to eat my pineapple with and have some decaf coffee... and maybe, just maybe they will put me out of my misery before too much more time goes by...

Jenn has a 9:00 am committment at work but said she'll be checking her phone and has coverage if we do get the news we're transferring today - it is so hard to concentrate and try to plan out your day when things are so dependant upon that yes or no! Eek!! I'm sooo excited though, either way, I just can't wait to hear how the embabies are doing and what the plan is! :)


  1. OH wow...I can't believe it's already here and that is total torture. Keep us updated.

  2. My IM finally tracked someone down that confirmed we ARE transferring today!! Neither of us ever got a call, and here we are 30 minutes from when we're supposed to arrive! Holy heck! Good think I'm only 10 minutes from the clinic! :) I can't wait to hear how the embryos are doing!! YAY!!

  3. Wow!! Lucky girl...this is going by super fast!!! Can't wait to hear all about the transfer!! My very best sticky thoughts to you!!

  4. WOW!!! I can't believe how fast that went!!! So exciting! GOOD LUCK~! Wow, I am looking forward to that progesterone then because I NEED some sleep! haha, update us soon!


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