Here's my flashback post for 4dp3dt: http://rebekahrose.blogspot.com/2010/03/4dp3dt-evening-check-in.html from March 2010!

Today I'm not sure what to think - having some good signs and symptoms, but only time will tell I know! Not too crampy today, it would make me feel better if I was - I keep hoping I'll feel some! I've had a few twinges, but not as much of that heavy bloated feeling. I have had a temp of 99.5 this afternoon, an upset stomach earlier, a little bit of smell sensitivity on a few things, and a few waves of nausea and my mouth has been watering for no reason for the past half hour. I know it seems crazy early for any of those to be actual pregnancy symptoms, and it could definitely just be from the meds but I had some pretty similar experiences at this same point last time so I admit it makes me feel hopeful! Fingers are staying crossed and I am sending lots of encouraging and positive thoughts to Jenn and Chad's little one! I hope they're making themselves totally at home right now and I hope we'll all know about it SOON! :)

I got to sleep in nice and late this morning and have pretty much taken it easy all day. Made biscuits and gravy for the boys this morning but yet again I didn't have much of an appetite at breakfast so I just had about 3/4 of a biscuit with some jam and that was enough. I got a nap this afternoon while Kenneth while he laid down to give his back a break for a little while and then we went out for the first time all three of us since Kenneth's surgery! He's been feeling a LOT better the past couple days and was feeling a little bit of cabin fever so we went to Wal Mart and picked up a few things and wandered around a little. We got Kent some "gear" for his beta fish that Maggie was sending home with guests at her wedding last weekend. Kent is so excited that he got to get a fish finally! He's been asking for one for years but Kenneth didn't want him to have another thing to keep up with and isn't a huge fan of fish, but since it was from Maggie he conceded! :)

I'm fixing some Meatball Sliders for dinner which are smelling pretty good and then back to taking it easy again. What a life! :)


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