Heading HOME Today!!

It has been a crazy, good, busy, and exhausting week. I came down with a cold on Wednesday and it was pretty icky all day Thursday and my ears are still feeling very congested today. I've been taking decongestants religiously the past two days hoping it would help clear things up for the plane ride home - but no luck so far. It's hanging on and looking like it's morphed into a sinus infection. Lucky me! :) If I can drag my rear-end out of bed tomorrow I might pop over to urgent care to get a prescription for antibiotics and try to get this under control. We'll see how tomorrow shapes up, right now I just want to deal with this afternoons travel and getting home. I have about a one hour flight to Charlotte leaving Norfolk at about 5:20 and then a 2 hour layover and heading to Atlanta from Charlotte around 8:30 getting to Atlanta around 9:30 where hubby will be picking me up. Can't wait to see him and give him a HUG (followed by lots of smooching! :D ) It will be so nice to sleep in my own bed tonight. Hopefully I'll sleep all the way through for a change, I've slept fairly restlessly here - waking up for no good reason throughout the night.

We have been able to make a good dent in the to-do list while I've been here and wrapped up early yesterday, so I was able to be back at the hotel around 4:00pm. I changed and jumped in bed and rested a couple hours before walking over to Denny's for a bowl of chicken noodle soup which felt good on my stomach. I went straight back to the hotel, got back in bed and dozed off and on on, called Kenneth around 10:00pm and tried to sleep through after that. I woke up around 3:00am for no reason, took some more decongestant and crashed again until 8:00! Got everything packed up this morning and caught the shuttle over the to the office a little after 9:00am. The shuttle driver said he'd come back and get me and take me to the airport around 3:00pm. They have been SO nice!! (Springhill Suites Marriott - Norfolk, if you're in the area check them out. Tony and Ed were the shuttle drivers I saw the most and they have both been VERY sweet and helpful!)

I got my contract draft this AM and only saw one small change, everything else looks like what we talked about and hopefully we'll be able to sign off on that next week and then we'll be all set!! Yippee!! :)

In any event, I'm just being rambly but wanted to update on the last couple days of happenings! I've got lots of pictures to download when I get home to put into an overview of my trip - the only thing I really forgot to snap pictures of was my yummy Jimmy John subs which I've had for lunch three days in a row and most likely will have at some point today before I head to the airport - they are reliable and yummy and close by!!

Time to wrap up a few things around here and then get ready to head out to the airport! :)


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