Virginia Beach - Day 2!

It is 8:30pm and I'm enjoying take out from Ruby Tuesday (the steamed broccoli and mashed potatoes are yummy, especially together!!) and watching some mindless TV. I worked until about 6:30 this evening and one of my co-workers who used to work in Atlanta gave me a ride back to the hotel and told me I need to take time for a visit to the beach before I head home on Friday!

It was a busy, busy day and very productive. My brain was zapped by the time we all started wrapping up to head on out. Hours and hours and hours of staring at what seemed like the same thing over and over and over changing the same things, inserting the same things, resizing the same things. It's very repetitive and tedious but at the same time you feel like you're accomplishing something as you check the to-do's off the list and the list of sites to edit gets smaller.

I took a swim in the pool when I got back to the hotel and soaked in the hot tub again before ordering dinner for pick up. I tried the mini cupcakes to try for dessert and had the red velvet one tonight. It was ok, but I was hoping the frosting would be cream-cheesy and it wasn't really. Oh well, it was still pretty good. My shrimp was still raw, eww!! That stayed in the container for dinner tomorrow and I'll make good use of the microwave to cook it before attempting those again. I now have the hiccups and am starting to get sleepy! I'm ready for a good night of sleep and then another busy day tomorrow.

Kenneth called while I was swimming and we chatted for awhile about his busy day - he had his capstone presentation at school and an interview this morning so he caught me up on how everything went and it was good to hear from him - I'd been thinking of him all afternoon wondering how he was doing and thinking of Kent and wishing I was there to hear about their days in person! I miss my boys... :)

Jenn and Chad called a little while ago to catch up on a few last minute details on contract stuff before they send their answers and revisions into the attorney and we're hoping we'll all get copied on the next draft (fingers crossed in the next day or two) and then maybe we can sign this weekend. I'm pretty sure we signed on a Saturday last time, but can't remember for sure. Either way it should be in the next week or so and it will be great to have that done!

Tomorrow is my last active BCP and then baseline next Monday!! Then the real cycling begins - yippee!!


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