First Progesterone Injection

Here is the photo capture of progesterone injection number one (which happened on Sunday the 22nd)! :)

Started with very clean hands and a wiped down counter in preparation for laying all the "goodies" out!

Next comes the Progesterone In Oil (PIO), alcohol swabs (two of them), a needle, and a syringe with a needle attached.

After drawing up the oil with the attached needle, I toss the needle that's been used to puncture the rubber seal on the bottle of oil and discard that into a sharps container, I place the fresh needle on and wrap the whole thing up in a pre-heated heating pad and let it sit for at least 5 minutes while I do something else.

When the oil is good and heated it's time to get the injection site ready! I use EMLA cream. It's fantastic, it numbs the site COMPLETELY so I don't feel the injection at all - I have to do all my own shots and this is about the only way I can stick a huge needle into my backside without hyperventilating. Many don't use it - they are braver than me! :) In order for the injection site to be good and numb first thing in the morning, I put a dab of EMLA on at night and cover it with Glad Press N Seal, and my underwear holds it in place all night! Works great!

As I'm peeling the wrap back I'm looking for a little leftover cream on the wrapper - this means it didn't get rubbed off somehow overnight and I'll be good and numb!

The needle is all ready to go, I push the plunger a little until I get a droplet or two, and then it's time to inject, and slowly push that oh so lovely thick oil in (1 cc of PIO).

This is all that's left afterwards - a tiny little spot from the injection - and of course the feel of the oil under your skin but I usually only get a little tender every now and then as long as the oil is good and warm - when it's not warm enough there have been MANY occasions where it's just sat in the muscle tissue and caused big sore lumps. Not fun, let me tell you!!
Empty syringe! Number one, DONE!! That goes in the sharps container too and the rest of the trash gets thrown away, and then repeat the next morning!


  1. Wow! The numbing cream is a GREAT IDEA!!! You make it look so easy. Of course I won't be able to inject myself, but thanks for that idea!

  2. Eeks! That's a little too much for me! You're so brave.

  3. I'm not brave - I'm hormonal!! :D At least I saved you from a picture of the actual injection - I considered it, but figured I'd probably hurt myself trying to twist, inject and snap a shot at the same time.... I guess I do draw the line somewhere! :D

  4. By the way, the roast beef...cooked to was yummy, tender, and so much more. THANK YOU! YUM..The zingy taste was just as I expected it..soooooo good!!!

  5. Ghale that's awesome!! So glad you enjoyed it! :) I bet you're so looking forward to this part of surrogacy - all the lovely meds! :D It is an EXCITING step and you feel like you're actually making progress when you start them, but man there are some fun side effects... Progesterone makes me SO sleepy!! :)

  6. Love it! I can't believe my days of needles are already behind me. I remember DREADING them and almost throwing up at the thought of it. Turns out, I ended up doing most of my own injections. Surrogacy helped me conquer my fear of needles! :D

  7. I still get a little queasy with the first couple injections, but they don't really bother me at all anymore - just part of my morning routine by now! :D I certainly still have a healthy dislike of them, but at least by now I realize in the scheme of things they're not such a big deal! :D


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