Lining Check - Cycle Update!

Oh my GOSH... I seriously cannot even believe I get to post this today... I am in shock still, but in a very good way!

Recap - here is our med schedule:

4/28 lupron starts at .1cc

5/3 last active BCP
5/9 baseline u/s
5/10 start estrace 2mg 2x daily, drop lupron to .05cc
5/15 increase estrace 2mg 3x daily
5/20 midcycle lining check
5/22 start progesterone, stop lupron, start medrol 1x PM
5/25 or 5/27 transfer!

So today, just TEN DAYS after starting estrogen, and 5 days after upping the dose to 3 estrace tablets, all orally, my lining check revealed....
a 9MM TRIPLE STRIPED beautiful lining!!
If you know my cycling history at all, you will know this is a LANDMARK event for me, in a hugely wonderful, wonderful way and I could not even possibly be any more excited, thrilled and happy than I am in this moment!!
I have had many, many cycles in my history as a surrogate, most with my first IPs Tom and Irena, canceled cycle after canceled cycle. Looking back it is most likely largely due to back to back cycling with really high doses of estrogen that my body just responded very poorly to. Cycling went well with my last IPs L&N and my lining did JUST what it was supposed to this time around - I'm proud of it! :D
I was ECSTATIC to send Jen a text on my way to the car after checking out at ACRM and give her the GREAT news!! Just waiting on my afternoon call from the clinic with the update - as long as my bloodwork looks good too we should get the ok to start progesterone on Sunday and they'll start thawing 4 embryos on Monday with a Wednesday or Friday transfer (either 3 or 5 day depending on how the embryos look). This is INCREDIBLY exciting news for me!! I am hopping up and down HAPPY! :D
I was so nervous going into the ultrasound - it's been a crazy week with Kenneth's surgery on Wednesday and I haven't even really had time to think about my lining and cycling, beyond remembering to do my lupron injection each morning and take my estrace with breakfast, lunch and dinner - honestly I'm very proud of myself that I haven't missed any of my meds considering the craziness the past week in preparing for and then having his surgery this week. But in a lot of ways, maybe it worked in my favor - I didn't have time to worry or dwell on it - I knew either the meds would do what they were supposed to or they wouldn't, but it was out of my hands beyond doing what has been asked of me in taking meds on schedule. Everything else is out of my hands, so I only really had time to worry a little when I was sitting on the exam table waiting a few minutes for the RE to come in and do the scan! When he said the words "9mm" "trilameter" and "looks very good" I could have HUGGED him!! My heart was pounding and I was shaking I was so excited!!!
SOOO!! Now just waiting for the official update and then waiting to hear the transfer date next week!!!!!!! YYYYYYYYYYYIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Oh my gosh is right!!! That went SO fast!! Just're gonna be preggo in a WEEK!!!! :-)

  2. WOW!!! So close!!! I'm excited for you!!! I can't wait til I get there :)


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