Perfect (and so easy!) Beef Pot Roast

This is our "go-to" pot roast recipe which I discovered a couple years ago on - it's super easy and comes out SO delicious and flavorful! The combination of ingredients is perfect, and easily adjustable depending on what you have in the cupboards at the time. The original recipe calls for 1 packet ranch dressing mix, 1 packet Italian dressing mix, 1 packet brown gravy mix, 1 onion and 1 can of beef broth. I don't always have brown gravy or Italian dressing mixes on hand, and have used mushroom gravy or pork gravy packets instead of brown gravy and have used bottled Italian dressing in place of dry a few times - each time it comes out perfect! I love this recipe!

I started with packets of pork gravy mix, and ranch dressing mix, a bottle of Italian dressing, a can of beef broth and the beef roast (chuck I believe). I forgot to include 1 large onion in the ingredients picture!

 I cut one large onion into about 6 wedges.

 I place the onion evenly around the roast in the crock pot.

 Next I sprinkled on the dry gravy mix.

 Followed by the packet of ranch dressing mix.

 Then half the bottle of dressing.

 All seasoned and ready for the broth!

 Topped off with a can of beef broth!

I usually cook my roast on low all day while I'm at work, but this one I cooked on a day I was home and set it to high for 5 1/2 hours and it was PERFECT!! Beautifully fork tender.

The meat is super tender, infused with flavor and with a little drizzle of juice it just bursts with goodness!

The onions in this are fantastic, I love a big serving of them with the meat, they melt in your mouth!

A "southern" plate, loaded up with roast, onions, mac 'n cheese, glazed carrots and mashed potatoes!

Recipe slightly adapted from AllRecipes

1 (2-3 pound) beef chuck roast
1 large onion, diced into large wedges
1 (1 ounce) package dry Italian salad dressing mix (can substitute 6-8 ounces bottled Italian dressing if desired) 
1 (1 ounce) package dry Ranch-style dressing mix
1 (1.2 ounce) package brown gravy mix (can substitute pork or mushroom gravy mix if desired)
1 (14.5 ounce) can beef broth

Put roast in a crock pot and place onions around it.

Sprinkle the Italian salad dressing mix (or bottled dressing), Ranch dressing mix, and gravy mix evenly over the roast. Pour in the beef broth.               

Cook over high heat for 4-6 hours or on low for 8-12 hours (or until fork tender).

You can use the juices as an au jus, or thicken on the stove with flour or cornstarch to make a yummy gravy.


  1. GAAH! I just realized I'm not following you! BAD BLOGGER FRIEND! I love reading your blog and I always forget. Now I'm following and will be better at keeping up! I love the crockpot and anything pot roast is ok by me! I'm trying this for sure!

  2. Ha ha Joanna! :D You're too funny -your comments always make me smile! I hope you guys enjoy this one for an easy weeknight dinner too! :)

  3. I love anything and everything crock pot and this looks delish! The meat looks so juicy and divine! Definitely want to give this a try!

  4. WOW. I am getting a crock pot just to make this recipe! Looks so delish..and I would have never thought about putting italian dressing for seasoning.. love it, will try it soon!

  5. I am a HUGE fan of my crockpot and this recipe does look very easy. I'm also a huge fan of using italian dressing on my meats. Yummm...Thanks for sharing. Oh, and I still have to try that tiramisu recipe you shared. That is my all time favorite dessert :-)

  6. I hope you all get a chance to try this one! And Ghale - I'm sure you could do this stove top over low heat too if you don't have a crock pot! :)

  7. Dalia I still have good dreams of that tiramisu... mmm...

  8. I finally got me a crock pot! :) I am gonna try this recipe out tomorrow, but can you enlighten me on why I need to use Italian dressing in the mix? How does it make it taste?

  9. The Italian dressing seems to give it a little "zip" or "tang"!

  10. MMmm, this will be different than the way we make ours. I got caught up in stuff so its been pushed back a day but I will def update you on how I did it, if I failed on it or not, lol. Thanks lots!


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