Cycling Update!

Yesterday was my baseline ultrasound - ACRM is awesome and the nurse who did my blood draw was amazing - got the vein right away, didn't even pinch me and was very gentle when she removed the needle; I literally didn't even feel it. I have a teeny little bruise to show for it but that's all (and it's probably one of the smallest bruises I've had post a needle stick since I bruise every time I get one!)

Dr. Toner did my ultrasound and was VERY quick, saw what he wanted, shook my hand and left! 3 small follies on each side of my ovaries, but nice and quiet and a thin lining at a 4mm. All normal and good for a baseline. Tammy called later in the afternoon with the ok to reduce lupron to 5 units today and start estrogen, 2mg twice daily. I took my first pill this AM. I can't believe we're already at this point, especially with everything else going on it literally feels surreal!! I will up my dose to 3 estrace pills on the 15th and have a lining check on the 20th and we'll go from there depending on how my lining looks.

Kenneth's surgery is on the 18th so the time between now and then is going to go VERY quickly I am sure. He's going for his first of about 3 pre-op appointments today. I wish I could be there with him to ask questions but I have my own doctor appointment in a little while - I've had a sinus infection since about Wednesday last week when I was in Virginia Beach; I thought I was getting better but I woke up this AM feeling pretty cruddy - a headache that has stuck with me all day, my ears are hurting and I feel very dizzy and off balance like my ears just won't pop. Definitely congestion in my head and it's causing pain and pressure and just leaving me feeling "blah". I've spent pretty much all day in bed or laying on the couch resting. I took tylenol and a decongestant and when the tylenol didn't help I added IB profen, when that didn't help Kenneth gave me some Excedrin tension headache and that seems to at least be taking most of the headache pain away, though I can still feel the pressure and my ears are still hurting.

I'm sure the doctor will send me home with something that will help me feel better soon... I am ready to not be sick - the next couple weeks are going to be so busy and I want to be feeling my best!


  1. Hope you get to feeling better soon! You guys are moving along so fast, that's amazing! Can't wait for the next update!! And you are KILLING me with the recipes I have gained 5lbs just reading =)!!


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