6dp3dt - trucking along!

We have made it to 6 day past transfer!! Still feeling queasy and some achiness/crampiness. My temp was up and down again yesterday - from 98.4 to 100 degrees! Still not seeing anything that makes me feel "convinced" on any of the HPTs I've been using - but of course I shall keep hoping and testing! I would LOVE to have great news for Jenn and Chad this week!!

I got my positive on Answer and OSOM at this point with my last transfer, so of course I'm keeping everything crossed today and holding my breath! I can't believe it's already almost been a week since transfer - time is passing quickly with everything going on.

Kenneth is doing a LOT better now in his recovery since surgery, but still needs assistance and support with a lot of little things. Plus yesterday 4 sweet boxer mix puppies joined us to be fostered for about 3-4 weeks! They're 6 weeks old now and in about 2 weeks will be neutered and then available for adoption. They are all boys and named after Criminal Minds characters - Rossi, Hotch, Morgan and Reed! Love it!! I took a ton of pictures yesterday and posted them on Facebook - I'll have to share a few of them here later when I get a chance. We made it through night number one without major incident - but 4 puppies really is a LOT and they came from a litter of 10!! I cannot even imagine!! Thank goodness Kent and Kenneth are both there all day and can really give them the time and attention they need. Plus we already had a great extra large crate available so that is set up with an old blanket in the living room so we can be around them and interract with them and they can get used to normal household sounds and smells and activities!

They are SO adorable - and even today you can really start seeing their personalities coming through. They were having so much fun running around the yard this morning while Kenneth stayed out with them and watched them! I can't wait to get home and see them and play with them some more! :)


  1. I'm keeping everything crossed for you and your IPs!!! Happy, good, sticky thoughts :)

  2. Hehe...I like how Joann wished you sticky thoughts! Hope everything goes well!! Keeping my fingers crossed as well!


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