What a Perfect Day!

Today was just perfect! :) The sun was shining, there was a cool breeze but it was perfectly warm outside - I got my "grilling weather" afterall! We had a nice morning and got a few last minute things cleaned up and put away to get ready for J&C's visit and I got my shortcake baked and the pasta salad put together and a few other food prep things done. Then we just enjoyed hanging out a little until they arrived (Kenneth was making use of his new video games some more). "C" was feeling a little under the weather but decided to make the trip to visit afterall, poor guy! :( I felt bad about him coming all the way out to see us when he wasn't feeling that well so I really hope he'll be much better by the time Monday comes around!

They brought us some "boudin" which I had never heard of before which was awesome! We added that to the brats and burgers on the grill and had a big lunch (and of course too much food) with lots of good conversation and hanging out and visiting. We spent quite a bit of time outside on the deck, petting the puppies and chatting and just enjoying the beautiful weather. Our puppies were completely smitten and just ate up the extra attention. Our basset, Max, laid down on the bench next to "J" with his head on her lap and crashed while we talked. He was snoring off and on which I found rather amusing. :D They told us all about their Shih-Tzu Boudin and hopefully we'll be able to have a play date with him and at least our smaller dogs sometime, I'm sure Brutus (one of our chi's) would love to have someone his size to run around with! We have two chi's but they don't play that often. Brutus tries to get L.B. to play sometimes, but L.B. doesn't seem to really know "how" to and usually runs and hides under the bed when Brutus starts trying to get him to chase him! Silly boys.

At the end of the visit of course we had to have an "event" to commemorate the day with - and the toilet decided to overflow right before we were getting ready to say good-byes after being flushed, so we had about 3 adults cramming into the small guest bathroom trying to throw towels on the wet floor and trying to figure out what the problem was (but the guys got it under control pretty quickly)!! I couldn't help but laugh, at least a little, of course the toilet would overflow!!! Sigh. Well, no one can say it wasn't a memorable day... right?!

Those four hours of their visit seemed to just fly by, but eventually we wrapped things up and said goodbyes and sent them off I'm sure with an extra pound of dog hair all over them! :) I'm so glad they were able to come visit and see our home and meet our whole family (4-leggers and all!) We really enjoyed the visit and felt really comfortable and at ease with them and can't wait to hear back from the RE next week! I feel like I might just hold my breath a little between now and then because so far everything seems to be going so amazingly and I feel SO good about this match and can't help but be very hopeful! :) So fingers and toes crossed for great news next week and we'll go from there! :)


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