Spring Cleaning Already!

Or maybe it's just that we're really behind? Not sure!! :) In any event Kenneth has been wanting to work on the garage and basement for awhile - it's gotten out of hand down there between his working on his bronco and bikes off and on all the time and the basement side turning into a near disaster zone with military gear from one end to the next and add to that throwing the toys Kent has outgrown over the past few years here and there and you have a recipe for MESS!! It's one of those things that we've worked on occassionally off and on over the years, but the longer we've been here the more that's accumulated down there and it's easy to ignore when you don't have to look at it every day. So, in any event it felt GOOD to get down there, get dirty and really make some progress!! We threw out a BUNCH of stuff, stuffed a big bag full of Goodwill donations and made several listings on Craigslist today. Kent is working on sorting all his various containers of toys to group them and we'll try to get those listed as well and see what all we can get out of here. I would love to have all the stuff we just don't want anymore GONE by the end of the month. That's the goal. Whatever doesn't sell I think we've agreed to also take to Goodwill. We're just ready to have the basement back.

I think Kenneth may also already be entering the "get everything in good shape before I leave" mode for after graduation when he most likely will be heading to Kansas City. Plus he has this whole week off for Spring Break, so it's a good week for projects and getting things checked off the never ending "to-do" list!

There's definitely more to work on tomorrow, but we made a good start! Kent was having fun going through all of his old things and I kept hearing "I forgot about that!" "I've been looking for that" "I didn't know that was down here"! :) It was fun for me too, looking through some of his things and remembering playing with them all with him over the years!

Hopefully the productive day will spill over into tomorrow and we'll have the basement well under control by the time Sunday comes to an end and I can feel good about getting something accomplished. If we have another dreary day tomorrow like we did today then another cleaning day will be a good way to spend the time inside anyway! It was so overcast and drizzly all day long. Such a bummer to have a beautiful sunny week and get cruddy weather on your days off! Oh well, at least I wasn't missing spending time outside in the sun while we were down in the basement today!


  1. Good luck! I have been in spring cleaning mode for a couple of weeks now, just wishful thinking! Thanks for stopping by my blog


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