2 more days on BCPs...

Tonight and tomorrow PM are my last 2 BCPs prior to testing! Yay! :) Tomorrow I have my next chiro adjustment and massage and Kenneth has his MRI in the evening (I am very much looking forward to hearing the results from that and getting a better sense of how his back can be helped, though he already seems very happy with Physical Therapy, so hopefully he won't need much more than that!) I have the Personality Assessment Inventory on Wednesday and then leave a little early from work Wednesday evening to get Kent from his next Science Club Meeting!

Which reminds me... my baby boy has a girl friend...!! He's been telling me a little about this girl at school that he likes and he thought she liked him too because someone else told him she did and then a couple days later he says "Mom, I have a girlfriend!" It probably wouldn't have taken much to knock me over at that point... I cannot believe my baby is growing up and yes, this is probably one of those things that will last a couple weeks and that's that, and they probably don't ever even see each other or talk to each other (believe me, I remember my first 6th grade "boy friend"!!) but it's just such a huge "he's growing up" moment! Ack!!! I told him he could give her my cell phone number so she can call him sometime if she wants to... Sigh... what else can a mother say?!

In any event, I'm sure the next couple days are going to pass quickly with lots of appointments and things to get done, our next testing appointment will be for me and Kenneth next week on Monday for our joint session. I am glad we get to start checking things off the list! Can't wait to hear from the clinic when they would suggest cycling! :)


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