Test Number One - Check!

This morning was the personality assessment inventory at ACRM. It was nice to get to find the office (which was actually really easy and I got there in maybe 5 minutes total) and also get to meet Tammy, one of the coordinators I've been communicating with. The office is really nice, very cozy and comfortable furniture in the waiting area and the staff seems very friendly and nice. Tammy took me back to a conference room that had a laptop set up ready for me to check off my answers and after she did a brief overview of how to take the test I signed the waiver form and she left so I could take my time filling it out. I was probably in there maybe 30-45 minutes actually taking the test. Some of the questions leave you feeling a little confused about the intent, but most of them are pretty obvious one way or the other. Hopefully, once again, I will be deemed JUST crazy enough to be a Gestational Surrogate ! :D I assume they'll review the results of the PAI prior to our joint counseling session which is set up for Monday and Kenneth's lab work will be done that day as well. I'm glad I know where they're located now (they're actually even closer to me than the other two R.E. offices I've worked with over the past 5 years).

I sent Jenn a quick text when I got back to my office to let her know that one is now done and can be checked off the list! It was her birthday last week and I am looking forward to hearing if they got to spend lots of time celebrating this past weekend!

It's another fairly overcast and icky day today; I am glad for my long, warm, wool coat to stay bundled in all day to help keep the cold out at least a little. It's a good day for warm drinks and soups, that sort of thing I think! :)

So, in honor of the P.A.I. this morning - you tell me: Do you have many brilliant ideas? False, Slightly True, Mainly True or Very True!!! :D


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