Rain, Rain Go Away!

It is dreary, gray, rainy and COLD today! After our gorgeous sunshiny weekend, well this is just downright depressing weather. Bring back my sunshine, please!! Kenneth seems to be having a hard time adjusting to the time change. It has all of us a little off schedule. Dinner has been fixed a little late the last couple nights because it just didn't feel as late as it actually was!!

We got rid of our LitterMaid Plus yesterday, thank you Craigslist, and are hoping Kent's big bin of Transformers might be finding a new home tonight. Fingers crossed. Slowly, but surely, we are clearing stuff on out of the basement! Yay! :)

I sent a quick check in note to the coordinator at the clinic and said I hoped I wasn't being super pesky, but asked if she might have a general idea on how long record reviews take and if we might hope to hear back maybe by the end of the week? I'm hoping that's about right. I would think one week should be enough time, but you just never really know for sure how each clinic handles things so I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask. :) At least they have very thorough and helpful paperwork with checklists and what to expect, what needs to be done, and in what order. This is probably the most organized in terms of up-front expectations on paper I've seen from a clinic so far. It doesn't say for the GS how long a "interdisciplinary team records review" will take, but for the IP's it says records should be received at least 1 week prior to New Patient Appt; so I'm hoping timeline is similar.

I just did a countdown to Kenneth's May 10th graduation and we have 56 days to go - just 8 little weeks away! :) I'm kind of thinking/hoping maybe in about that same time frame if everything goes ok with the records review and we decide to move ahead for sure, that should be a similar time frame for getting all of the preliminary paperwork and testing done between the attorney and clinic... we shall see! :) It still feels surreal to me how things have been going with J&C, how easy it has been to talk to them, how similarly we seem to feel on most all the important issues. I still keep saying "if" we move forward and "maybe" it will happen, and "we'll see" how it goes - but I know in my heart and in my gut that I feel really good about everything and I WANT to move forward and I HOPE we can soon and I REALLY hope they feel the same way! :D

I enjoyed my chiro adjustment earlier and the fantastic massage that followed. I am so, SO glad Spa Qi introduced themselves to our office. I still associate them with the end of my pregnancy with Samantha - Kenneth used to have Saturday appointments and I'd go with him - we'd get Chick Fil A for breakfast on the way there and while he was in his 1 - 1.5 hour appointment I'd go for a long walk in the adjoining neighborhood. It was a very nice walk, lots of pretty trees and a lake and almost always others out walking and often with dogs. A great spot. I would walk, walk, walk and try to get some contractions going those last couple weeks before I delivered, before that I would just walk to get some exercise, but walking was really helping get contractions going towards the end - I remember a few pretty painful ones. Is it weird that I'm excited and looking forward to that part of pregnancy again? I love the anticipation, the excitement, the curiosity of it - when will baby decide to come? Are these contractions the real thing? How much longer do we really have? When will I be sure enough to call my IPs? Ah all those fun moments to look forward to again! :)


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