T.G.I.F.!! :)

I'm so glad it's the weekend... even though this was a very short work week for me since I was home taking care of Kenneth Monday through Wednesday, I am just completely wiped! It's been a VERY eventful week, some good, some just plain draining. I am so glad Kenneth is doing better today and he said he had a good physical therapy session so that is VERY encouraging to hear.

Last night when I got home around 5:00pm I was so sleepy and told Kenneth I just needed a little nap and then I'd get going on dinner... I ended up sleeping for TWO HOURS before finally waking up and then I slept ok last night. I had a hard time getting to sleep, and woke up once or twice, but I'm pretty sure I slept solidly from about midnight until the alarm went off just after 5:00am. That was a good chunk of time compared to most of this past week's choppy sleep! PLUS we actually slept in the BED for the first time in about the past week instead of on the floor (it's felt better on Kenneth's back). But the week is definitely catching up to me and I feel pretty worn out right now and the idea of a nice afternoon nap is very tantalizing.

I'm hoping I can get in a few more good hours of work and maybe I will be able to pop out a little early this afternoon and go home for a little nap... we had T.G.I.F. at work today (we have one every pay day Friday) and they brought in Chick Fil A biscuits and yummy Einstein Bros bagels! Mmmm!! :) Great way to start the day! When I was pregnant with Fiona (my first surro baby) I used to crave Einstein Bro's cinnamon raisin bagels and had them for breakfast a lot!!

We're down to just one more week left in this month and then on to April! This year is already zipping by and I'm sure the next couple months are going to feel like they're flying as well with everything coming up! Hopefully in another couple weeks we'll know more about the potential job Kenneth has been interested in and get an idea of what they would need and what that timeline would be and we'll have to start working towards getting him ready to go for that and we should be all done with testing and contracts by the end of next month as well, or at least done with testing and maybe finishing contracts in May, we'll see how it goes - but I know it's going to pass quickly for sure and there will be a lot of good stuff to keep us busy! :)


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