Five YEARS!!

I have now been in the surrogacy community for FIVE YEARS!!! Holy moly... five years.... that is a long time!! March of 2006 was when I contacted Fran at A Woman's Gift all those years ago and I haven't looked back since. 3 matches, 3 transfers, a bunch of cycles, countless HPTs, lots of surro/IP get togethers, some really amazing friendships, and 2 deliveries later and here I am, hoping for another round! :) That is about the shortest way to abbreviate a portion of the past five years of my life. It has not always revolved around surrogacy of course, but it surely has been a big part of my life... it's amazing to me to think of how much has changed in that time, how much I have learned (some lessons harder than others), how much my family has evolved and grown in that amount of time, even how our animals have changed in that amount of time! And I think the biggest thing, is how much I have personally grown and changed, how much I have learned about myself, learned about what I want in life, what is important to me and what is not. I feel a lot "older and wiser" than I did way back then! :)

I wonder what the next five years of my life will bring!! I can't wait to find out, one day at a time!

I did hear back from the coordinator at the clinic, and she said the nurse coordinator for my potential IP's R.E. said everything looks good and they just have to get the R.E.'s final "OK" when he's in office on Friday! So I think things are going well and in the right direction there. I can't believe it will have already been 3 weeks since we first started talking on this Friday; time has really seemed to literally fly by... I guess that's a good thing - just seems weird too I guess!

The sun is coming up and giving all the trees that pretty early morning glow - it looks so peaceful outside right now! It looks like today is going to be much nicer, so hopefully that means a much better commute home too! :)


  1. WOW! Good luck, I hope they get back to you tomorrow with GREAT news! Small world I worked with Fran before too (before she went full out with a woman's gift) Looking forward to following you on this next journey. I just wanted to say THANK YOU for always being a positive influence in the "community" and for being such a resource and help, your input is genuine and very supportive and helpful! SO THANK YOU!

  2. Aww!! That was very sweet to read! Thank you so much!! :)


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