Yippee!! Onward and Upward!!

We got the official OK from the R.E. yesterday! I'm cleared to move forward for testing and J&C asked me if I would be willing to and after talking with Kenneth about it in depth the past week he was ready to say yes too! I'm so excited! I've sent the coordinator my info - I should have a new cycle in about a week and a half and they'll set up any necessary appointments and testing around that. I should hear back soon what all needs to be done and when. YAY!! I am so excited!! :) It still feels so surreal too! I thought for sure it would take a few months to even connect with the right couple this time, and thought they would be in another state and that I'd match through my old agency - and somehow an amazing local couple who happens to know my last IPs were right here searching at the same time I was and we connected independantly. I hope to "officially" introduce them soon! :)

I should have a testing schedule soon! Yay, yayayayayay!! :)

Afternoon update: I got an e-mail from the coordinator with a pretty condensed testing schedule - they fit it all in to two days! However, I should have sent her Kenneth's school schedule first because the day they picked for him to be there for the pysch eval doesn't work. I sent her back a note with his schedule and we'll see what the update is. However, I imagine most of the rest of it should stay the same, in which case the initial testing (an HSG and Personality Assessment Test for me) will be on April 12th. There was supposed to be an RE consult, Nurse consult, Hysteroscopy, Individual Psych Consult (with me and Kenneth), then a group consult with all 4 of us the following day on the 13th (essentially a full day of appointments, from about 8:00 - 2:00).  We'll see if they want to keep everything but the pysch consults that day or if they move all of them to a better day for Kenneth's schedule. Sounds like once those are all done we'll definitely have a good idea of what the game plan is and what the tentative timeline from there woud be! Three weeks to go!! :) J&C are planning to call and touch base this evening. Yay!


  1. I was so happy to follow your journey about 1/2 way through last time - really looking forward to following the entire journey this time. Congrats!!

  2. Aww thanks for the note Joann!! You are very sweet - I am SO happy for you and your family that your little man is here, he is so CUTE! :D


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