Your Thoughts on Pee Sticks...

I was literally laughing out loud HARD last night following this exchange of e-mails with my potential IPs:

"I thought of something else we haven't chatted about yet - what do y'all think about testing with Home Pregnancy Tests after transfer? Would you want your GC to test, or not test? Would you want to know results, or if possible would you want to be the ones to see the HPT results in person? I have tested (slightly obsessively! ) after my previous transfers and with Fiona I got a positive at 7 days past, and with Samantha the first light positive was 6 days past transfer; but I know some would prefer their surro either not test at all or at least not tell them, and then others would like to be able to see the test results in person if they're able! Is that something you've thought about at all?"

"J" (potential IM):
"We had not really thought about testing at home, but would be fine with it. It may sound gross too, but if you do end up wanting to test at home, can you take a picture of a positive and keep the stick for us?"

"You're too funny! That's not gross at all - sending pictures is my favorite part of testing, showing the progression of the line getting darker is SO much fun to watch! :D"

"C" (potential IF):
"For the record, I'm fine if you keep the stick."

I was dying when "C" sent that follow up e-mail!! Kenneth was lounging on the couch in the living room and I had just checked my e-mail in the kitchen read that and started cracking up and had to pull it up on the laptop in the living room to show him... he got that smurky amused look on his face and shook his head at me... :)

And for fun - see proof of my HPT obsessiveness from last March:
And one of my pictures of my HPT stockpile prior to cycling:


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