Happy Friday!

What a beautiful day it is today!! The sun is shining and its just gorgeous out there! I took today off to spend with Kenneth on his last day of Spring Break and to get a few things done around the house, and we've been productive and gotten several of our spring cleaning "to-do's" crossed off the list and also enjoyed a little shopping and meandering (with our mandatory Starbucks stop!) and also some down time watching a couple shows together and I caught a quick nap which was nice.

Kent is out mowing the yard, I'm glad it's dry enough and nice enough for him to be able to do it! Although it is nice when the grass stays "quiet" during the winter months and we don't have to really think about it! I guess those months are over now though! I'm not complaining though, I'm very ready for the warmer weather and more sunshine.

Kenneth got a new trio of video games with a Christmas gift card while we were out at Best Buy which he's having fun with right now, and I guess this is my "me time" for a moment while the guys are busy and I'm taking a break! :)

We are having J&C over tomorrow for lunch and I am looking forward to our visit and getting the chance to hang out a little and introduce them to Kent and all of our puppies and our home. Their RE has all my records now and we should find out next week if I would be cleared to carry for them. If the RE clears me and we all still feel good about each other after our get together this weekend hopefully we'll be able to make a decision next week on the "what's next"! I'm nervous and excited! :)

Ok, I should get back up and get back to work and see what else I can accomplish this afternoon! Then to figure out what to fix for dinner... hmm... decisions, decisions! :)


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