Got to meet another surrogate today!

I haven't had the chance to get together with anyone else in the surro community for awhile and it was awesome to get the chance to meet up with Melanie from SMO in person! And the extra super cool thing was that I got to meet one of her IF's as well and I found out after she and I were trying to coordinate a day to get together that her IF is someone I had been communicating with awhile back when they were still searching for a match! I hadn't heard if they had found someone or how things were going for them and think it's SOOO awesome that Melanie connected with them. I'm super excited and hopeful for them and have my fingers crossed that their 2ww passes quickly and provides them very POSITIVE news and soon!! :D

We had lunch at Chili's and I had some super yummy shrimp tacos after we all shared some spicy queso and lots of warm tortilla chips and since her IF's birthday is coming up he had a free dessert and we shared a gooey hot chocolate brownie with melting vanilla ice cream to end the delicious meal. Yumm! :) The weather was fantastic this afternoon again, so it was a great day to be out and about.

I am so glad they fit me in and so glad I got to meet them in person!

Here's Melanie and her adorable 9-month old Wes and of course me!


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