Friday... and yet we wait!!

I tried to be so patient ALL day waiting for the much anticipated e-mail or phone call from the clinic giving us the ok or SOMETHING... but no... not a peep!! I tried to be SO good and not be pesky or bug them, knowing they would contact us when they had an update... but did my patience pay off? NO!!! I should have been pesky earlier, then at least I would have an idea as to what the hold up was... :(

I wonder whether or not the coordinator works on Saturday?? Maybe she'll get my message tomorrow?!! I can hope, right?

What's a couple more days, really?? (She asks and then proceeds to laugh just mildly hysterically)!! :D Ok, I'm not really crazy, just tired and bummed we didn't get an update today. I hope Donna gets my check in message and gets back to us soon with an update. Fingers remain crossed for good news soon! :)

At least one more Craigslist item found a new home today - Kent's LeapFrog Learning System with 16 books and cartridges, from PreSchool on up; he used that thing for years but it's been sitting all forlorn and forgotten for a long time in the basement. It's going to a new home with 3 younger children and it does make me feel good to know someone else will get a few more years of enjoyment out of it. Kent used to play with that thing for hours on end... ah the good 'ol days!


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