Quiet Weekend

It's been a very quiet and pretty uneventful weekend at our house; Kenneth's back has been bothering him all week and he had a chiro adjustment and massage on Friday afternoon and came home in a LOT of pain and it seems to just have snowballed from there. He's spent the entire weekend in pretty much agony laying on the floor which seems to be the only position he can get any relief in. The chiropractor gave him 3 natural supplements to help, but they're not doing anything for him yet and neither are any of the prescription meds he already had. They're just not touching it. Ice seems to help numb the area for a short period of time, but other than that nothing is giving him any relief. He asked me to drive him to the doctor tomorrow and hopefully we can start working with the doctor towards some sort of actual pain management and recovery plan for him. His back has been so messed up for years now, and he's been going to the chiropractor for about a year or so now and he's still experiencing SO much pain off and on, although this is the worst I've seen him in a really long time.

I think he needs a new x-ray and some pretty aggressive pain management and treatment. I'm not sure what they'll suggest, but I know the level of pain he's in and with how much this has affected his ability just to function normally something drastic really needs to be considered. I hope the doctor will have a good suggestion. I worry about him and I hate to see him hurting so much and feeling so debilitated!

I've tried to take care of him and be with him as much as I could though I finally popped out for about an hour to Sam's Club and re-stocked us on groceries and a few other items we'd run low or out of. I got a lot of good fresh stuff - tomatoes, baby carrots, grapes, bananas, blueberries, colored peppers, apples and oranges along with some bakery breads, steaks, drinks, dog food, bird seed, and a few other odds and ends. One stop shopping! :) I love being able to buy in bulk there and get such great deals on everything. We've only recently started getting fresh produce there but it's a great cost effective way to buy produce and it allows us to enjoy it a lot more often!

Kenneth wants tacos and nachos tonight for dinner and I'm planning lasagna and steaks this week as well and will fix some yummy garlic bread to go with both to use the nice soft French bread I picked up. I have a recipe for a really yummy pork sandwich too that might go well with the bread since I already have pork chops thawed too, sounds like I have dinners all planned out for the week! One less thing to think about! :)

I'm very ready to hear back from Donna at the clinic tomorrow AM and have fingers crossed for a good update so we can figure out what comes next soon and move out of limbo land!


  1. Sounds like we are both in limbo land...I can't wait to finally hear something! I hope your DH is feeling better soon!


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