My Eclectic Monday Post!

It's a beautiful day! It looks like a great day to be outside, but at least I can see the sunshine through my window at work! There seem to be about 3 completely unrelated things to mention today, so this will be an eclectic post I think! :)

We made lots more progress on the basement last night, got most of Kent's toys grouped and photographed and listed on craigslist and got rid of our old cylinder flotation water bed we've had in storage for what seems like forever, I think California was the last place we used that bed...!! We made another Goodwill run and dropped off a few more odds and ends, boxes of toys and dishes and decorative items, etc. It just feels nice to feel like we're making some good progress and purging finally. I'm glad we had the whole weekend to work on it all together.

I heard from my FIM! Miss Samantha is now 4 months old (today)! :) She sent me an e-mail over the weekend with a picture of her and a note on how they were all doing. It was really wonderful to hear from her and just hear that all is well and they are loving the newest addition to their family. :) Totally made my day!

I almost had a teleconference on Saturday evening, but when my coordinator forwarded me the profile the potential IPs had filled out I was concerned about their statement in regards to the amount of contact they wanted. They indicated they wanted limited interaction during and after the pregnancy. I am very glad they were honest and that they know what they want in terms of contact, but that's just really not what I'm looking for this time and I didn't think it would be fair to either of us to "try" to make it work if we're coming at it from pretty opposite ends of the spectrum on that very important issue so we agreed to cancel the teleconference. I told Fran I am speaking to one local couple, so she will make sure to let any potential IPs she speaks to about me know as well. I had considered applying to one other agency, but decided after I connected with J&C (the local potential IPs) I would hold off, especially since Fran is actively looking for me as well.

I feel like I sort of "stumbled" across a pretty amazing local couple just a little over a week ago, and have really been enjoying getting to know them and talking through a lot of "what ifs" and getting their thoughts on what they hope for in a surrogacy journey and what they're looking for in a surrogate. We seem to be pretty much on the same page on all the big items (well beyond my hopes on some!!) and Kenneth and I both feel really good about them! We're going to get together for lunch at our place this Saturday and see how we all feel (especially after they meet my moody pre-teen red-head, meet my 5 crazy puppies, and get to see our house and where we live!) :) I am keeping my fingers crossed they will like us despite our faults and that maybe, just maybe we'll make a great team and decide to move forward in the not so distant future as long as their clinic gives me the thumbs up as well. I don't know why, but for whatever reason when I think about getting clearance to move forward as a G.S. again part of me is worried! Overall I have a pretty good track record with IVF, but I know I've had cycling issues in the past and I keep waiting for those to come back and bite me in the rear end I think! Kenneth thinks I'm crazy and keeps telling me that is the last thing I need to worry about.

Then on Sunday I get to meet up with a surro-friend from SMO that I've known through the boards for a couple years now and I found out she was matched with local IFs that I had been in contact with quite a bit awhile back. They were the sweetest guys and seemed to be having a really rough time with finding a good match and I am SOOO HAPPY for both of them that they found each other! I cannot wait to meet them both in person!!

So I'm looking forward to a wonderful, busy and surrogacy-filled weekend! Hoping for some good grilling weather, not like this past rainy and cold weekend!


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