I woke up so excited thinking it was FINALLY Friday... and then I asked Kenneth what day it was... Thursday... sigh... I'm just having one of those weeks where it feels like it SHOULD be Friday and its not yet, though thankfully it will be tomorrow!! :D Things have been busy at work which is good, and Kenneth had his last finals yesterday which is also good!! He is so happy he's done with school for awhile and that he gets to go back to work next week!

I will be happy when he gets an ACTUAL schedule and orders for what's coming after this month of drill and AT - it's impossible to plan for the months to come not knowing what his schedule might look like. I am pretty sure I am going to plan for the June trip to Washington irregardless of what we've heard, just need mom to get back to me on the dates of the family get together and the wedding she wants me to go to with her; I'm hoping it will be the 3rd week of June.

We've had so much rain the past couple days, I know we need it but it sure makes for a lovely commute home each evening! Plus our bassett hound Max gets ALL worked up... he's actually gotten much worse about that; he used to just get anxious when there was thunder and lightning, but now it starts as soon as it begins to rain! He's such a mess, poor guy! He woke us up around 1:00am this morning because it had started raining outside... he must be super, super sensitive to it, because we had all the windows shut and the bedroom fan on to help drown out the sound and keep things cool in our room, and he still heard the very beginnings of the rain. Doggy breath is not my choice of wake up calls at 1:00am!!

I've e-mailed back and forth a couple times with Fran from the agency, apparently the application I'd downloaded off their website yesterday and sent in was outdated so she got me a corrected one last night that I filled out - I'm hoping we can chat sometime today or tomorrow if she has a chance to look through it, and just get a feel for whether or not she might have a potential match for me to talk to.

I was talking with Vicki yesterday morning some and told her I still sort of feel like I'm "cheating" on them... I hope in time that feeling eases... I told her it's just hard to wrap my head around all we've been through up to this point to just stop short and move in such a different direction, and I just want to be SURE that they are SURE... She put a call in to the attorney yesterday to make sure there's nothing in particular we need to know about the contract with this change in plans. I'm hoping we can essentially put it on hold and be able to pick it back up and use it or amend it with changes (if we go the IVF route) when the time comes...


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