As I type this my arms keep yelling at me when I over extend them... it hurts so good...! :D I did Yoga X last night, I really didn't think I was going to make it! It's 90 minutes and there are some pretty FAST intense movement sequences that were kicking my rear end. I stuck with it, and committed to do the best I could that day and made it through the entire thing even though I know I skipped several of the moves (I couldn't keep up!!) I am feeling better today physically though, things are just a little achy and not so miserably sore as they have been. I know that will change again after tonight since its more weights and abs... ouch.

Kenneth got to come home last night! I was so excited to see him! He got in after 9:00 and we were both exhausted, but it was just nice to have him there and sleep in the same bed for a night. He'll be home the next two nights and then he flies out Sunday for 2 weeks. Tomorrow is Family Day at the unit, it will be a long day with lots of information and hopefully Kent will have a good time playing with the other kids that come. I have to figure out how to go pick up my Dinner A'Fare order by 4:00pm and Kenneth has to get to an appointment in Marietta at 5:00... I have a feeling we'll be in separate vehicles.

So, yesterdays lunch went really well! It was really great to sit down and meet with N&L in person and have that time to talk and hear more about them and I already knew the story behind why they needed a GS, but hearing the emotional side as well, and all they've been through... it is really amazing. I think we might be a good match, and we'll see how things go!


  1. Hope it's been a great weekend!

  2. Congrats on the possible match! I am a current GS (14wks prego), using AWG also which matched me to awesome IPs who I love! Id love to follow your 2nd journey!


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