Talked to Fran last night!

Fran had another crazy busy day but was able to call me yesterday evening and I think we talked for about a half hour just chit chatting and catching up, briefly going over my application which she said was fine and then talking about the potential IPs she has searching. There is a couple in Pennsylvania that she would like to set up a teleconference with, this would be their first surrogacy and first child and would be a fresh transfer possibly with the IMs eggs for a try (she's in her early 40's) or with an egg donor. We talked about doing a mock cycle the first time to confirm with whatever RE we work with a protocol that will work for me. That is one thing that is very reassuring about working with Fran, she is sure that we can find something that WILL work and she knows my history well enough to advocate for me.

So, I will hope to hear back by mid next week from Fran to see if the IPs are interested in having a teleconference and we'll see how things go from there!

Today we get to do lots of cleaning and straightening up the house for having family over tomorrow for mother's day. I've been looking around to see "how bad" it is, and I don't think it will take us TOO long... Kenneth will probably want to run errands at some point too, though I would love to have a whole day home. It's been a long week and I'm tired! :)


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