Happy Thursday! :)

This week is going really fast!! Yesterday Vicki and I decided to meet up for dinner at Johnny's pizza with the boys, and John was able to join us. It was really good to see them again (its been awhile) and let the boys play some. They are too cute - Johnny cracks me up!! :)

I've also been doing the P90X workout program again, taking advantage of the quiet evenings I have at home with Kenneth gone so much! Today is Day 4 of Week 1 and I am hurting! Most of the workouts are fairly intensive, so I don't anticipate I'll be able to continue them once I transfer, but I will be in good shape when it comes time to cycle (whenever that may be) which is always a good thing!

Kenneth should be home tomorrow night (I hope)! I can't wait to see him, its been a long and quiet week without him home. I miss him, and only got to talk to him for a minute on Tuesday night I think it was... it was good to hear his voice!

I'm getting ready to head out in about a half hour to meet up with N&L, the potential IPs Ruth introduced me to. I am looking forward to it, and am a little nervous, but not too much! I trust very much that what is meant to be will, and I am just going to enjoy today and enjoy our lunch!


  1. Well then, enjoy your lunch and I hope you make some great friends!


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