Field Day Was Fun!

I had such a great time yesterday with Kent at his Field Day at school (though I don't know why they still call it that, it's always in the gym). I took the day off to spend with him, to cheer him and his classmates on. They are so stinkin' cute to watch; they get so serious but have such a great time too. I love having that day with him each year! As he gets older, it seems there are less and less opportunities for me to spend with him at school - I don't think I got to go on any field trips this year, which I love doing with him. He is so sweet, I am soaking up these moments with him because I fully realize they will fade fast as the years go by - he was so EXCITED to have me there all day! That I got to drive him to school, take him home from school, run errands together and spend the afternoon together... he loved that we had all that time together, and I just want to freeze frame those smiles and that excitement and keep it close to me everyday... I am so blessed that he has not outgrown me yet! :)

Today I got a potential IP profile from Ruth - I was so excited to hear from her, though the excitement didn't really kick in until I got an e-mail this evening with an contact info to reach the IPs directly and suggestions on how to meet up in the coming week or so. I am really hopeful about finding a local match, and am looking forward to seeing what happens next.

Kenneth is having a late night at work... I have a feeling this isn't going to be the only one - he brought a huge document home last night he had to read and comment on... I can't believe he'll be gone soon!! I hope we get some good down time on Sunday after our busy Saturday!


  1. I think back when my son was younger... he will be a senior next year... I miss those field days, the once a month lunches. I loved reading your post because it brought back all those fond memories I had. Thanks for sharing...

    ps. I hope the Ips work out and your next journey starts. *smiles*


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